How many kicks did we do? – 7/13/11 – Tuesday Karate class

We were allowed to take Wheeling class Sensei Cieplik today and got to spend some time with some great people in a great class..Lots of kicks…..

We started out the normal 20 front snap kicks to the front, then 20 knee strikes / front snap kick combinations.  Then came a group of six kicks in a row, front snap kick to the front, side thrust kick to the side, back kick to the rear, roundhouse to the front, front snap kick to the front and hook kick to the front.  Sensei calls this a balance drill and I call it a workout in itself.

We started the next drill from a front stance.  From there, we leaned far forward until our back heel peeled off the floor, then pickup the back leg straight from the floor, bring the knee up to the front, back kick to the corner behind, bring the knee back to the front and then set the foot down.  This was a serious hip opener and another balance.

We did some more kicks and one of our friends kept count and said that we did a total of 486 kicks in about 30 minutes or so.

Partner up….

We moved into some partner drills next.  One partner started in a horse stance with pad angled up at 45 to 60 degrees and the other partner did roundhouse kicks where we brought the knee up very high and then kicked down on an angle.  The knee needs to be up very high at the start to allow the hip to turn over and allow the leg to move at a downward angle.  This is one drill certainly isn’t my best.

After that, one partner was in a fighting stance with the pad behind their back and the other partner roundhouse kicked around their front hand and hit the pad on their back.  The key to this drill is having the roundhouse kick go around their front arm and hit their back.

The next drill was a sweeping drill where one partner shifted toward the other partner.  The stationary partner did a low roundhouse kick and hooked the front foot of the moving partner before their front foot touch the ground.  This is a pure timing drill and if done correctly, you can easily sweep your partner with little power.

Higher ranks help the lower ranks….

This was fun.  Sensei had all of the Shodan and above go with a lower rank and assist them with kata.  I really enjoyed this and I hope that I gave my partner something useful to work on when I was helping him out.

Great class, really nice people and training with Sensei Cieplik is always a learning experience.

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