Get down to the core – 7/8/11 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Brien said that we were going to work our core today and that we did.

Get a pad…..

For that of you that have not seen them, the pads that we use are about 18 inches tall, 12 inches wide and two inches thick.  They are not Styrofoam but something stronger and more flexible. We started out standing on a pad with one knee up to the front and high enough so that it above our belt.  We then had to keep our balance and do front snap kicks without putting our foot down in between each kick.

In the next drill, we moved into a front stance with our front foot on the pad.  From there, we did front snap kicks again but holding for a second after the kick before we set our back foot down behind us.  Sensei wanted us to extend the hip forward for each kick to get a good stretch and test our balance.

For the last of the pad drills, we started in a horse stance with our left foot on the pad and our right foot on the floor.  From there, we did front snap kicks again working our balance from the side and working the muscles on the sides of our bodies.  Still in a horse stance, we brought the leg not standing on the pad up to the side like a roundhouse kick and then held it for a second before setting our foot back on to the floor.

Stand on the pad.  front snap kick without putting foot down
still on the pad, front stance with front snap kick, hold and put foot down.
stand sideways with foot on pad, front snap kick, then horse stance with kick
then bring leg up like roundhouse both standing and horse stance.

Do what in a backstance???

Sensei had us work on some different kihon today.  And different it was.  All from a backstance, moving forward and back, we did:

  •  Downward block with reverse punch
  •  Rising block with reverse punch
  •  Inward block with reverse punch – do not line the arm up with the front knee
  •  Outward block with reverse punch – do line the arm up with the front knee
  •  Front punch
  •  Triple punch

There was another drill, from the backstance, where we moved forward or backward and brought our knees together, did a front snap kick and then stepped back down into a backstance.

Now in to a front stance…..

From a front stance, we did moving forward with chicken block.  I am going to have to take some pictures to explain these.  Let me try to explain this in text.  Put your arm straight out in front of you with your hand straight out like a knife hand.  Bend your wrist and point your fingers down while raising the angle of your forearm slightly upward.  From there, bring your finger tips together so that they form what looks like a chicken beak.  When you block, you use the top, end of your bent wrist to block.  You can also use the chicken beak that your fingers form as a strike but we will save that for another day.

For the next drills, we stayed in a front stance and did a two finger double eye poke, the same poke that Moe from the Three Stooges always does, a vertical palm block with a ridge hand, a reverse horizontal elbow strike followed with a vertical elbow strike and then a knife hand block.  Doing the knife hand block from a front stance really changes the dynamics of the movements.

It was a great class but I am not sure how much my body will think about it tomorrow morning.

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