Crazy hands kumite – 7/22/11 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Brien had us work on something new today.  We did a some sparring work that I don’t remember doing in the past and we spent the entire 90 minutes working on it.

Crazy hands kumite…..

We started out in a fighting stance and with our front hand, we made the shape of a figure 8 on the air.  We did this with both the left and right hands and then both hands at the same time.

The idea behind this concept was to keep your opponents mind busy on your moving hands and to keep them moving at all times.  When doing a block, you blocked and then went back to the figure 8 pattern, when you punched, you punched and went back to it again.  Keeping the constant motion when doing blocks or attacks was hard at times because I wanted to stop after every attack and reset.  Another interesting part of this was it almost totally masks your kicks.  You could also use one moving hand to block and the other to attack at the same time or do many attacks in a row.

When we started working with partners, being the offensive opponent seemed to work better for me than we I was being the defensive opponent.  I am not sure if the others found the same though.   It was some really good stuff but it needs to be practiced with a partner to be able to improve at it.

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