Step off of the tracks – 6/7/11 – Tuesday Karate class

The spring exam season is quickly coming to and end and Sensei Noia is giving those that still need to test this coming weekend some last minute exam drills.  Even though I do not intend on testing any more, I really like that classes that lead up to exams.  We spend a lot of time working on basics and kata with some anchor man sparring drills thrown in to help those testing for Shodan and above.

Tonight was also a night or really good news for me.  My son, Donald, passed the second part of his Nidan exam.  He tested on Sunday and looked better at this exam than ever before.  His basics at the exam were solid, his Hangetsu was the best that I ever saw him do and his anchor man sparring was excellent.  I might be a little biased but he looked awesome and I am very proud of him.

Get a partner and move….

Sensei had us partner up and we started with one partner moving across the floor punches to different levels while the other partner moved backwards doing rising block, inward block and downward blocks.  We also did a drill where one partner did a triple punch and the other did a rising block, inward block and outward block to block all three punches.  I was like one step sparring with kihon drills except a bit slower.

The next drill was all kicks.  One partner moved across the floor as a target with the other did a front snap kick, roundhouse kick and side thrust kick for each step across the floor.  This was a really good hip opener.

Sideways anchor man….

For this drill, we lined up in groups of two across from our partner.  From there, on side of the group was stationary and the other side did an attack and moved to the left until you sparred with even on the side across.  This forces you to adjust to different sized and skilled sparring partners.

Just enough time for some kata….

Sensei had us start with Jion as group and he counted out each move.  We then did Jion alone.   After that, we did Kanku Dai as a group and them two more times on our own with full speed and power.  This was a great ending to a great class.

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