Kick it up a notch – 6/21/11 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia  had us start out with a light jog back and forth across the dojo about five times.  The dojo is a basket ball court to give a frame of reference on the size of it.  The next few times across, we jogged to the third court line, then sprinted to the other side third court line and jogged to the end.  Next, we shuffled sideways back and forth and then we did walking front leg raises across and back.

One person kicks, one person squats and hope you don’t get kicked….

We stood in front of our partner and did front leg roundhouse kick both high and low followed up with rear leg roundhouse kick high and low to get our kicks going.  We did this in alternating fashion where one partners did the first front leg kick and then the other did their front leg kick and so on.

For the next drill, we did a movement that I do not remember doing before.  We started out facing our partner, one partner then squats down very low and puts their hands over their head.  From there, the other partner does an outside in crescent kick over the squatting partner.

After that, We stood back up and did front leg roundhouse low, roundhouse high and hook kick with the same leg and not touching the ground between kicks.  We finished doing a 10 different kicks without touching our leg to the ground between each kick.  I am it too about number six and I was ready to fall down.

For the last kicking drill partner kicking drill, we got a pad and did spinning back kicks, many times.  I am really starting to enjoy this kick for some reason.  It just feels natural for some reason.

Lights out….

We were just getting ready to do some more kicking drills and suddenly the lights went out.  There was a strong storm outside and the power dropped out just long enough for the lights to go off.  There were still lights in the hallway outside the dojo and Sensei took advantage of the darkness and had us do some slow motion kata.  We did two katas of our choice while the lights were coming back on.

Somewhere during the class we did two sets of 25 push ups.  I don’t remember doing push ups for some time now but they felt easier than in the past.

More kicks…..

We finished up class with some more kicks.  Sensei had us stand next to a wall and put one hand on it.  From there, we brought up one knee to the side and did roundhouse kicks for a total of 50 for each leg.

For the last drill, we brought up our knee to the front and did side thrust kicks.  We only did 30 for each leg but there was a long hold in between each kick.

Lots of work, sore legs equals great Karate class!

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Doug is a Shotokan Karate student that enjoys sharing his Karate training experiences with everyone. He is a Computer Consultant, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, blogger and a freelance writer..

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