Step for a faster kick – 5/19/11 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Brien shared some different kicking techniques with us today.   These are modified kicking techniques that I do not remember doing in the past.

Step and kick, very fast….

We warmed up with some stationary from snap kicks.  Sensei mentioned that we should do this slowly and easily since the rest of the workout is going to be intense.

For our first drill, we started in a left foot forward fighting stance, then we stepped forward with the left foot and threw a rear leg front snap kick.  The key to this technique is to have the kick finish as the front foot steps down.  Sensei said that this will increase the speed of the kick by 20%.  It felt much faster than 20% to me.  This drill really works the hips hard and caused mine to extend farther and fast than I ever remember.

We did the same stepping drill as above but changed out the front snap kicks for side thrust kicks to the front and roundhouse kicks.  The side thrust kick was the most interesting for me since I felt I didn’t create much power when doing these kicks in the past.  The stepping motion made me use my entire body to throw the kick.   Sensei also said to try and bring the knee of the kicking leg across the body to the opposite side of the chest before kicking.

The second kicking concept, from a fighting stance again, was for us to pull the front foot back, under our hips and then throw the front snap kick.  The idea behind this was to move just far enough out of the way to avoid a reverse punch, from an opponent and throw a front snap kick before they move back.  Again, as above, the idea is to finish the kick as the front foot is moving back under your hip.

Get a partner and kick them….

Sensei had us partner up and work on the drills that we did above.  It was very hard for me to work with a partner because the kicks were flying out so fast, it was not easy to stop them.  Stepping in about a foot length really extended the reach, not only because of the foot moving forward but the momentum made my hips extend farther forward.  The pulling the front foot back drill was just as hard because out partner was moving toward us as the kick was coming in.   I could see this movement as an awesome self defense technique that would buckle someone very easily if the timing is right.

It was a great Karate class and  Sensei did mention that there was a good chance that our hips would be sore tomorrow but I guess he was wrong about that since mine hurt tonight.

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