Kata is slippery when wet – 5/12/11 – Thursday Karate class

I am not sure if I am noticing certain things that Sensei Cieplik says more now because I am reading a lot of motivational books or my mind is just more open to reality.  The comment that he made while doing kata is “what you believe is what you are.”   I don’t know how many times I have told myself “I cannot do this” or “I’m too old for that.”  If you keep telling yourself that you cannot do it, you won’t but if you tell yourself that you can do it, chances are you will.

High humidity kihon….

The dojo was extremely warm today and because of the heat and the very high humidity, the floor was wet after the first 30 minutes of class.  This brought about a new meaning to stances and how to stay grounded when doing our Karate techniques on a slippery surface.

After the warm up, we started our kihon drills.  Moving forward and backward with downward block, rising block, inward block all with reverse punch.

For the next drill, we moved in to a horse stance.  From there, Sensei had use do a very slow punch and at the end of the punch, we pulled our heels in and squeezed the floor hard.  The idea was to tighten the hamstring and glute muscles.

Next, from a horse stance, wide did stepping across side thrust kick.  From a horse stance again side snap kick that lead us in to the drill below.

Partner side snap kicks…..

After getting a partner, one of us held out on arm to the side so that our partner could hold on to it for balance and then side snap kick our Gi sleeve.  The idea was for us to move our hips correctly and use the edge of our foot to strike.

Slippery when wet Kata….

Doing kata, near the end of class, on the wet floor was a real challenge.  Stances needed to be much shorter and movements were certainly slower.  The concept of pushing with the back leg and pulling with the front leg at the same was certainly proven more than once when I moved a across the floor.  Doing the first move of Bassai Dai wasn’t too bad but moving in to the second move brought bad memories of slipping on the ice.  Luckily, I didn’t fall on my face but I was really careful after that move.

Training with the slippery floor certainly opened my eyes on how we should be prepared to do our Karate movements on any surface because in real, the person that is attacking isn’t going to wait for you to move to dry ground.

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