Jumping kicks – 5/10/11 – Tuesday Karate class

There has been a lot of focus on kicks in the classes that I take and today was no different.  Sensei Noia had us focus on jumping type kicks and spinning kicks today.

Shuffle up and kick…..

After the warm up, we got a partner and started with some kicking drills.  We started facing our partner and did shuffle up with front snap kick, then shuffle up with double front snap kick, then shuffle up with roundhouse kick.

Next came the combination type kicks.  Shuffle up, front snap kick and shuffle up side thrust kick to the front.  Shuffle up, front snap kick and spinning back kick.  The next drill was shuffle up with front snap kick, shuffle up with side thrust kick, shuffle up with roundhouse kick and shuffle up with hook kick all in one count.

For the next drills we were moving across the floor doing two shuffles with two front snap kicks and then following that with a rear leg roundhouse kick.  There was another moving drill where we did shuffle up front kick followed by spinning back kick but that is one I am trying to forget.

I might as well jump, jumping kicks that is…..

For this drill, we started out easy, standing with one knee raised and then each time Sensei counted, we jumped and switched knees while trying to land softly with balance.  Next, we did jumping front snap kicks.  We started with one knee raised, then jumped and kicked with the opposite leg.  After that, we did jumping front snap kicks moving across the floor.  There was another drill where we had to option to do jumping roundhouse kicks but I stuck with the front snap kicks.

Same kata, three times….

For the rest of the class, we did some kata.  Sensei told us to do either the kata that we are going to use at the upcoming tournament or our testing / belt rank kata.  I did Bassai Dai and it was harder than ever after all of those jumping kicks.

We also did a couple of conditioning drills.  The first drill had us start in a push up position where we brought our knees up to our chest and then thrust them back to straight behind in the starting position.  We finished with modified push ups where after each one we had to hold the same side hand and leg up at the top.

This was a really tough class and walking isn’t too much fun but that’s what it’s all about.

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