Hip rotation and focus – 5/31/11 – Tuesday Karate class

Sometimes, we need to be reminded of simple things that we should know.  Sensei Noia said when doing kihon (basic) techniques, make sure that you show good basic form.  When punching make sure that you rotate the hips and focus the punch at the end.  These are things that should be automatic for most advanced students but I know that I often forget them and this type of reminder is always welcome. 

Get a partner and focus….

After a quick warm up, we paired up and started out facing each other in a horse stance.  We did 10 punches to the face, 10 punches to the stomach, 10 triple punches and 10 punches from one partner while the other blocks with a rising block.

For our next drill, one partner held a front stance and the other did shuffle up with reverse punch, then shift with jab and shift in reverse punch.  We then did alternating stationary reverse punch.

We had to get our kicks in and those came next.  We started with stationary front leg front snap kick, then stationary front leg roundhouse, then stationary side thrust and stationary front snap kick and roundhouse kick combination.

We finished up this part of the class with some stationary inside out and outside in crescent kicks.  Next we moved forward with inside out crescent kick, put kicking leg  down behind and did a spinning back kick with the back leg.

Stretch it out and then basics….

Sensei had us spend a few minutes stretching out during the middle of class.  This seemed to make a huge different in my flexibility.  I wish I could do this in every class.

We were back in a horse stance and did front punch, double punch, triple punch and rising block.  Next, we moved forward without any hand movements.  We followed this up with 10 each, moving forward and backward with:

  • Rising block and reverse punch
  • Outward block and reverse punch
  • Front stance with inward block, horse stance with elbow strike and backfist
  • Back stance with knife hand block, front snap kick and spear hand
  • Double front snap kick
  • Double roundhouse kick
  • Front snap kick and side thrust kick to the front with reverse punch
  • Front snap kick, side thrust kick to the side, back kick to the rear, roundhouse to the front and reverse punch.

Kata and one step for all….

We did three katas.  I did Jion, Bassai Dai and Kanku Dai.  Next, we did one-step with our partner and class was over.

Sensei was able to fit a lot of work in to a short amount of time and it felt good.

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