Warm up tougher than the drills – 4/12/11 – Tuesday Karate class

There are some classes with Sensei Noia where I wonder if the warm up is going to be harder than the Karate drills.  Today was one of those days that made me wonder.

Tough warm up…..

Sensei had us start doing the burpee’s, jumping jacks, push ups and running is place.  For each exercise, the first and second sets lasted for at least 30 seconds and the last set was 15 seconds of torture.

After the warmup, we started in a horse stance and did single punches and double punches.   While still in a horse stance, we moved into a cat stance and punched, then back into a horse stance and punched again.  The idea was to bring the legs close together when moving from the horse stance into the cat stance to protect the groin.

Kicks and combinations…..

Next, we did kicks from a cat stance.   Next came combination front snap kick and back kick, then side snap kick and side thrust kick.  The next drill, we did four kicking combinations, front snap kick, back kick, side thrust kick and side snap kick, each time Sensei counted.  When we did these kicks we were able to put our foot down and balance between each kick.

Next we did moving forward, downward block with reverse punch, rising block with reverse punch and outward block, jab with reverse punch.  The idea of this drill was to allow us to do the movements in a small space but moving our legs in the follow way.  From the left foot forward front stance, we brought the right leg to the front leg, stepped back with the left leg and did the block and punch combination.  We then did the same but opposite.  Another drill was to bring the front leg to the back leg, then step forward and do the block and punch combination.   You can get in a good working in small 4 by 4 foot space.


We finished up with some kata.  Sensei had us start very slow doing Heian Shodan and Jion.  We then picked up the speed for another Jion and then we did Bassai Dai with full power and speed, twice.

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