Stretch, fall and punch – 4/7/11 – Thursday Karate class

Today was the first day back to Thursday class after a week off between sessions.  Sensei Cieplik shared some some old and some new Karate with us today.


After the warm up, we started with moving forward and back doing downward block with reverse punch, rising block with reverse punch, inward block with reverse punch and outward block, jab and reverse punch.

Next, we did backstance with knifehand block, and the same with while adding front snap kick.  Sensei had us work spend some time starting in backstance when knifehand block and then moving forward into a front stance with front punch.   This is a very long movement and you need to protect your groin when moving between the stances.

Stretch, fall and punch….

We partnered up.  My partner stood in front of me, out my reach.  From there, I stood in a front stance and stretched with my front hand, stepped forward and then slapped there hand and stretched into a falling front punch.  The idea is to be able to punch even if you are falling as a last resort.

Kata – Live in the moment…..

Sensei had us finish up with some kata and some powerful advice.  We did Heian Shodan twice.  After we did our first kata, Sensei said, slow down your kata, live in the moment when doing your kata.  Don’t worry about the past or the future, do your kata in the present.  Complete each move and don’t move until the current movement is finished.  Do your Karate when doing your kata, your speed, your timing, your kata!

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