Five minutes of pain – 4/15/11 – Friday Karate class

I was searching my mind for a title to describe how Sensei Brien started Karate class today and five minutes of pain is the only thing that seems to fit.  It’s only five minutes and anyone can do five minutes of Karate, right?  This wasn’t a class full of kumite drills but instead it was the start of things to come, over the following weeks, to help prepare students for the upcoming rank examinations. 

Five minutes of pain….

Sensei Brien gave us some very simple instructions today.  You are going to do five, continuous, minutes of kihon.  No breaks, no rest, just five minutes of Karate basics.

  1. Horse stance with front punch, double punch, then punch, rising block, inward block, downward block, and outward block.
  2. Moving forward and back with front punch.
  3. Moving forward and back doing rising block with reverse punch, downward block with reverse punch, inward block with reverse punch, outward block, jab with reverse punch.
  4. Moving forward and back doing back stance with knife hand block,
  5. Moving forward and back doing back stance with knife hand block, front snap kick and spear hand strike.
  6. Moving forward and back doing front snap kick.
  7. Moving forward and back doing roundhouse kick.
  8. From a horse stance, moving sideways with side thrust kick.

There might have been one or two more movements but I think my mind is trying to suppress those memories as I type.  If my math is correct, we did around 150 techniques total.  It wasn’t really as bad as it sounds and oddly, I thought that I would have been winded but I felt pretty good and was happy that I was able to do it.

Kick your partner…

We partnered up and did some kicking drills.  The first drill was three different kicks.  We did front snap kick, side thrust kick and back kick but our partner was the target and moved around for each kick.  For example, when doing the front snap kick, our partner was in front us,  for the side thrust kick, our partner moved to our side and for the back kick, you guessed it, they stood behind us.   This was good drill because if gave us a target instead of just kicking the air.

One step sparring….

From a fighting stance, we did one step sparring.  This feels much more natural, to me, than when we start in the ready stance.  We did the normal attacks with front punch to head and stomach, front snap kick, side thrust kick, spinning back kick and roundhouse kick.  I really miss doing one step and hope that we do it more often.  I know that my one step skills could use some refreshing.

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