The eye in your elbow – 2/10/11 – Thursday Karate class

We did many of the standard drills in class today but Sensei Cieplik said a few things that really stood out.

Make those kicks better….

Sensei had us start in left foot forward front stance and we put our left hand in front of our body near center.  From there, we did a rear leg knee strike, touching our hand  with our knee while keeping our stance.

Eye in your elbow….

The idea of having your eye in your eye in your elbow when doing a knife hand is to keep your arm in a position where your elbow is facing your target.  I am thinking it is much like when you kick and you point your kicking leg knee at your target.

One point that I never hear too much of….

Sensei often mention that it takes 30 years to learn Karate.  The first 10 years are spent learning to relax.  The second 10 years are spent learning to adjust your body to the movements or techniques.  The last 10 years are spent learning how to move naturally.

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