Sparring drills – 2/18/11 – Friday Karate class

Today, Sensei Brien took us through some sparring drills.

Get in and get out….

We started with some simple sparring drills, making sure that we get in and get out fast.

  • Shift in with reverse punch and shift out.
  • Shift in with jab and shift out.
  • Shuffle in with front leg roundhouse kick and shift out.
  • One partner stationary, other partner circles around them in a fighting stance and attacks with perfect accuracy.   We did this drill with both punching and kicking attacks.
  • One partner swinging both arms while the other partner attacks and gets out or gets hit in the head.
  • Both partners move, one partner stops and the other attacks.
  • Same as above but the partner that stopped is to block and angle out.

It always amazes me when simple drills like these are so effective!

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  1. A classic example of less is more. Thanks for the post.

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