Horse stance assume – 1/7/11 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Brien shared a bunch of good stance drills with us today.

Horse stance assume……

Sensei Brien had us start in a horse stance, we then shifted left and punched with our left hand, then we shifted right and punched with our right hand.  Next, while still in a horse stance, we shifted left and did a downward block with our left hand, from there we shifted to the right and did a right hand punch, we then did the other side.   Next, from a horse stance we shifted to the left and did a right punch, then shifted to the right and did a left inward block, we then did the opposite side.  For the last horse stance drill, we shifted left and did an inward block with our left hand, we then shifted right and did a downward block with our left hand and then we did the opposite side.

Shift forward and back….

From a front stance, we started shifting forward and back.  Sensei had us start with one shift forward, then two forward, then two forward and one backward.  After those, we did the same but with a block and punch combination.  One drill that is sticking in my mind is, from a fighting stance, reverse punch and step forward with another reverse punch.  This is one of my favorite sparring drills!  It just feels good when it is executed the correct way.

We also worked on some front snap kick kicking drills.  We started in a fighting stance, shuffled up and did a knee strike to warm up and then we moved on to shuffle up with front snap kick.  The idea was to finish the kick as the back foot in nearing the front foot at the end of the shuffle.   Another excellent combination drill is shuffle up with front snap kick, step down reverse punch and then rear leg front snap kick as the reverse punch is finishing.  As the reverse punch is finishing, your arm blocks your opponent from seeing your leg coming up for the front snap kick.

Walking after class is a different story that I will save for some other time……

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