What do you need to work on – 11/30/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Now that testing is starting to wind down and only brown and black still need to test, Sensei Noia gave them a chance to work on things that they need to work on.

Partner up to warm up….

For our warm up, we got a partner and did shuffle up with reverse punch, then shuffle up front leg front snap kick. We then did the same drill but added front leg roundhouse and front leg side thrust kick.

What do you need to work on,,,,

Sensei asked each of the remaining students that need to test what kihon do they feel they need to improve.

Front kick, side thrust kick and back kick was one of the most common and at least three people wanted to work on that drill. Another popular drill is inward block, elbow strike and back fist and the same drill but with reverse punch. Another crowd pleaser is back stance with knife hand block, front snap kick and spear hand. And the last drill, one of my personal favorites, NOT, is moving backward with front leg round house kick

After that Sensei had us pick two katas, one kata at our level and a second kata of our choice that we feel we need to improve upon. I did Kanku Dai and Heian Yondan. No matter how many times I do Heian Yondan, I always feel it could be better.

We finished up with some sparring. We made two lines in front of each other and then one side did one attack and then moved to the right all down the line. Much like anchorman but a moving sideways instead of one after the other.

It was a good class and I am sorry to see testing time come to an end because I wouldn’t mind doing classes like these all year around.

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