Step down not back – 10/14/10 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik fit a lot of Karate into a short time today.

Lots of kihon….

After the warm up we did rising block with reverse punch, inward block with reverse punch, then front leg roundhouse kick, then the same but with reverse punch at the end of the kick. Next, we did double front snap kick and double roundhouse kick.

Sensei had us do a little different move, more for our mind than our bodies. We did moving forward with reverse downward block, jab and reverse punch. This really got the hips moving.

Next came back stance with knife hand block, then we added a front snap kick followed with knife hand block, then we did knife hand block with front snap kick and spear hand.

Next came inward block, elbow strike and back fist. Then horse stance step across, just step across. Then step across in horse stance with side thrust kick, then step across horse stance with side snap kick and then step across horse stance with side front kick.

Slap that foot and block…

Next, we got a partner. Our partner did a front snap kick, we slapped their foot out of the way, stepped in a did and attack using the same hand that we slapped their foot with. Slapping their foot out of the way


Next, we did Hian shodan, squeezing the floor hard, between each move. Next, we did Bassai Dai, Tekki Shodan, Heian 5, Heian 4 and Heian 3.

**Special note**

Sensei shared something tonight that made moving backward feel totally different. He said, when doing techniques moving backward, think of stepping down instead of stepping back. It changes the feeling of movement just by changing your mind.

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