One armed Jion – 10/5/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us start up with some slow free sparring. Just enough to get the blood flowing and the body warmed up.

We then moved into one-step sparring, then back to some free sparring and then attacks using only spinning kicks. It could be any spinning kick including back, roundhouse, hook or whatever can be executed from a spin. Certainly not my best move but I was able to live through it.

Next came some basics. We did moving froward and back with rising block, inward block, downward block and outward block. We did the same as above but we did reverse blocks with front punch.

Sensei had us work on some kata next. We did Jion with just the left arm and then just the right arm. It takes a lot of mental to do a kata with only one arm. Next, Sensei counted out each move for Jion, Bassai Dai and Kanku Dai. We kept working on the kata and did Heian 2 through Heian 5, Tekki Shodan, Jion, Bassai Dai and Sochin. We finished up class with four more katas. Two katas slow and two full speed and full power of our choice. I did Kanku Dai and Sochin to put and end to a great class.

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