Hold your stance – 10/12/10 – Tuesday Karate class

We warmed up by jogging to each quarter line across the gym and back four times.
After the warm up, we moved forward and back across the gym in a front stance with our hips closed, like a punch. Next we did the same but with hips open, like a block. We did the same again but this time, we moved into the stance with our hips open, then we closed them, like doing a block with reverse punch.

Get a pad…..

We stood in a front stance and put the pad even with our knee and toe on our front leg. From there we held the stance and did punches and blocks, without letting our knee move around.

Next, we did the drill like above but in a back stance. From the back stance, again we put the pad in line with our knee and toe but on our front leg. From there we did blocks.

After that, Sensei Noia had us put those stances to the test and we did a front stance with punch, move into a back stance with knife hand block, then back into a front stance with punch again.

Get it right, slow kata….

We started doing very slow Jion but was as close to perfect stances as we could get. I am not sure how many times we did Jion or parts of it but there was lot.

We then did our own kata, Kanku Dai for me, holding each stance for two seconds then exploding into the next move. We finished class with a single full power and full speed kata.

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