Picture it in your mind – 9/16/10 – Thursday Karate class

I keep saying how much Sensei Cieplik shares with us each week and today was another excellent example.

Many kicks….

We started with stationary knee strike and front snap kick. Then moving forward with front snap kick, Moving forward with knee strike and front snap kick. Moving forward with front leg toe tag and rear leg front snap kick. Front leg kick higher and rear leg front snap kick. Front snap kick with front punch. Moving forward roundhouse kick. Front leg roundhouse followed up with rear leg roundhouse. We finished up kicks with roundhouse and reverse punch.


Moving forward and back with downward block, then inward block. Next, moving forward with front punch but (picture your best, smoothest moving forward with front punch three times in your head and then do the move) – you have just done the move four times even if you only physically did it once. I asked Sensei, after class, if he sees himself doing the movements or through his own eyes when picturing it in his mind and said to Imagine that you are watching yourself do the movements as a spectator.

Next came moving forward and back with triple punch, moving forward and back with rising, downward and inward blocks with reverse punch. Then, moving forward with reverse punch.

We also did some back stance drills with knife hand block and then the same with front snap kick and spear hand. Sensei said to throw the kick from the floor and not to pull the kicking leg before throwing it.

Partner up….

We got a partner and did a front leg roundhouse kick from a toe to toe stance. Sensei wanted us to do it back and forth. The idea was to kick from close distance using the front foot to stop the attacker from moving in.

Next, we did a drill where one partner threw a head high punch, the other partner, moved just off center to the side, blocked to redirect the punch and then pulled them into a counter punch. The idea was to use their attack and momentum against them.

Slow down and have better form…

Sensei said something before we started doing our kata, He said “slow down the kata and have better form.” He wasn’t saying to slow down the movements but to finish a movement before doing the next. That’s that way I understood it.

When doing the last four moves of Heian Shodan, point first then do the move. After the second kiai, the first knife hand after kiai, turn around into a cat stance and point to the direction of the attacker and move into the stance and do the move. Sensei watches the draw hand on this move very closely.

We did Heian 2 through Heian 5, Tekki Shodan and Bassai Dai. The more experienced black belts did Gojushiho Sho and Empi. I really need to learn those katas so I can do them in class.

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