Many kicks – 9/21/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Kicks seem to still be the main focus and I like it. Sensei Noia has been pushing us harder than ever.

Partner kicks…

We started out with some partner kicks. First, alternating front snap kicks, then alternating front snap kick and side thrust kick. Then one partner in front of the other as a target, in a front stance for the front snap kick, moves into cat stance for the side thrust kick.

Get down on the floor…

Next, Sensei had us get down on the floor. From there, we laid on side, put one one leg bent over the other, then raised the leg on the floor up off floor. The idea was for the bent leg over the other to hold our weight allowing us to pick up the bottom leg off the floor in order to work our hips.

Next, we did side thrust kicks from the floor, roundhouse kicks from the floor then side thrust kicks on an angle and then hook kick and roundhouse from the floor.

Grab some wall…

We started the next drill with some front leg raises, then outside crescent and inside crescent kicks.

Next, we put one hand on the wall, and did a side thrust kick. After that we did side snap kick. We also did side leg lifts while still holding on to the wall.

Now moving kicks…

After all those kicks we did moving forward with rear leg hook kick. Next we did rear leg hook kick with a front leg side thrust kick. Then the same move but we added another hook kick and roundhouse kick, with the rear leg, to the end. We finished that drill with same moves as above but we added a back kick. This moving forward with five kicks is tough.

We finished up the kicking drill with front snap kick and back kick. Then we did one kata, I did Sochin, and class ended.

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