Knife hand strike – 9/2/10 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik shares so many little Karate details with us, I hope that I can remember enough of them to share with others.

Many kicks….

We did a lot of kicks today. Front snap kicks, knee strikes, roundhouse kicks, side thrust kicks and side snap kicks. There might have even been a few hook kicks in there too. Like I have mentioned a few previous posts, there is a lot of focus on kicks and proper execution. A couple of key points are to use the hips when kicking and the retraction of the kicking leg is more important than the extension.

Knife hand blocks…

Sensei Cieplik has shown me this in the past when I was working on Bassai Dai but it never sunk into my thick head until today. Let me try to explain this the best I can. From a back stance with your left knife hand extended in front against someone pushing against it, or you just blocked a punch, you step in and execute another knife hand to the collarbone all while the attacker keeps this pressure on your other hand. We partnered up and did the drill on each other and when done correctly, the pressure of your hand against the attacker pulls you in, much like a slingshot. Hopefully, that is somewhat coherent, if not, drop a comment here and I will try to explain it better.

Just turn your hand 180 degrees….

This concept is something that Sensei showed me in the parking a couple years ago and I have been practicing ever since. Make a loose fist with your arm bent and your palm down. From there turn your fist 180 degrees and tighten your fist at the end. For example, using your right hand, with your palm down your thumb is pointing left, you then turn your hand 180 degrees to the right and tighten your fist right at the end of the movement. If done correctly, you should hear a snapping sound. The application for this is in blocking movements and it works really well for me, when I am doing outward blocks.

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