Front hand blocks too – 9/30/10 – Thursday Karate class

We did lot of kicks with Sensei Cieplik and some sneaky foot work too.

We started with knee strike then front snap kick. We then moved into roundhouse kicks with our hands down. The idea was to use the hips not shoulders to kick.

Block with the front hand….

Next, we worked blocks with reverse punches but the idea was to use the front or reach hand as a blocking hand too. Next, we did back stance with knife hand block and then the same moving backward with front snap kick kick and spear hand. Again, when moving forward with the knife hand block, throw the front hand out hard and fast and then block with the other hand.

Sneaky feet….

For the next drill, we got a partner and stood in front of them in a fighting stance. From there, the idea was to move our front foot forward without moving our shoulders or letting our partner know that we are moving closer. The foot movement is very subtle and right before moving in to attack, you pull the back leg in closer to make your stance length the correct distance.

Finish up with kata….

We finished up class doing kata. We did Heian 1 through Heian 5 and Tekki Shodan.

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