Exams are coming – 9/7/10 Tuesday Karate class

The testing session is upon us, at least for some of us and Sensei Noia is starting to get everyone prepared.

Tough warm ups…

We started moving across the dojo with double reverse punch. Next, we did reverse punch, front snap kick and then reverse punch. After that, we did shuffle up front leg across the dojo. For the next move, we shuffled up front leg kick followed with rear leg kick.

We then moved into a horse stance and did single punch, double punch and triple punch. From there, we put our hands and our hips and pivoted to the left and then to the right. Next was pivot on the heels and reverse punch to each direction.

After those, from a front stance, we started with a stationary reverse punch, then stepped forward and blocked then reversed punched. For the next drill, from a front stance, we pivoted to the corner behind us and threw a reverse punch, then pivoted back to the front with a reverse punch and then stepped forward with a reverse punch.

For the last kihon drill we did, block left with reverse punch, turn 180 degrees, and block again with reverse punch, turn 90 degrees and block with reverse punch and then turn 180 degrees and block with reverse punch.

Block left and reverse punch, turn 180 and block again with reverse punch, turn 90 and same, turn 180 and same.

Kata, slow and fast….

Next, we worked on kata. Sensei had us start in slow motion but he wanted us to do all of the turns as fast as possible. We did Taikyoku Shodan, then Heian Yondan, then any Heian kata of our choice all slowly but with fast turns. I did Heian Nidan. Then one more kata, our own belt kata to finish class.

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