Spin and hit – 8/17/10 – Tuesday Karate class

I really enjoyed this class. Sensei Noia had us work on a lot of spinning movements and some interesting self defense drills.

Partner up and kick him across the dojo…

For the first drill we got our focus mitts. One partner had a mitt on each hand, put them out as a target and the other partner did kicks or punches depending upon where the other put the mitt. For example, if they put the mitt on the side of their head, you would throw a roundhouse or hook kick. If the pad was on their stomach, you would throw a reverse punch or front snap kick.

For the next drill, we could only using spinning techniques. For example, if our partner put the mitt on their stomach, we could do a spinning back kick. If it was next to their head, we could throw a spinning back fist.

Kata bunkai….

For the next drill, Sensei had us do all of the Heian kata. After each kata, we had to do bunkai from each place there was a kiai in the kata. It was a challenging drill but good.

Tie him up…

For the next drill, we took a belt and used to stop our opponents attack and tie them up. For example, we wrapped the belts around our wrists and when our partner attacked, we tied up their hand and put them into a position where they could not longer attack. For example, if they punched, we could catch their hand, tie it up and do a wrist lock to keep them from throwing another attack. It was easier than you would think it would be but also very effective.

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