Slow motion kumite – 8/31/10 – Tuesday Karate class

We only did a few drills but they took up a lot of time!

Slow motion…

We started out doing slow motion kumite. The idea was to go slow enough to think about and not have to worry about getting your head knocked off your shoulders. We each sparred everyone in the class for a minute or so, including Sensei Noia. The thing to understand about this drill is that you are going to get hit but you won’t get hurt. Even though we were moving slow, there was no rest between partners so we kept moving constantly for at least 30 minutes.

Block on one knee…

For the next drill, one partner knelt on one knee and blocked while the other partner slowly kicked at them. Again, this was a thinking drill. After this, we did the same drill but standing up.

We finished up with a little arm wrestling match. Needless to say, that was the easiest part of the class for me.

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