Sloppy reverse punch – 8/12/10 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik shared many things with us today. I wish that I could remember everything he said but I would need a tape recorder.

Sloppy reverse punch….

This was an interesting drill and one that I hope to get good enough at to use when sparring. We started out in a high front fighting stance, from there we pull the front foot back, reverse punch, then step forward and reverse punch. This is one of those things were pictures would be worth many words. The key is to moving the front foot back and then stepping forward. This allows you to cover extra ground when attacking your partner.

Partner kicks…

For this drill, we stood very close, in front of our partner, and put our knee up to our chest or as far as it will go. From there, we kicked at our partners abs using the action of the knee to kick and retract the foot like a front snap kick. This drill was extremely hard for me but once Sensei came over to correct me, I was able to do it with some confidence.

For the next drill, Sensei wanted us to do a roundhouse kick and use the hips to pull our leg back. The idea of this drill was to use the action of the hips to turn our body and allow us to set of foot back down behind us. The final kicking drill was a roundhouse and hook kick combination but again using the action of the hips to retract the kick.


Sensei counted out the moves for Heian 2 through Heian 5, Tekki Shodan, Jion and Bassai Dai. I always like when kata is counted. It helps me focus on each move instead of just trying to rush the kata and get it done.

Important note, in Heian Godan, after first outward block, turn the upper body and punch but also drop the hips as the punch is thrown. It makes the movement fell much different and I even got a “Doug, you finally got it” from Sensei.

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