Have an elbow – 8/24/10 – Tuesday Karate class

This was the last class of this session and Sensei Noia had us work on hitting stuff, both pads and our partners.

Partner kicks….

We started out facing our partner. From a front stance, we did three low, medium and high slow motion kicks at our partner. The first kick was to the knee, next kick to the stomach and last to the head. Sensei wanted us to use our hips to extend our kick out.

For the next drill, Sensei called a number and we did that many kicks at our partner at different heights. This was tough when the numbers got higher.

Next, one partner got a pad and the other kicked. First, a light front snap, then medium speed and medium power and after that, full speed and power. I partnered up with my son and he certainly wasn’t holding those kicks back kicking his old man today. It’s all good though, I was able to send some pretty strong kicks his way too.

Have an elbow…

We finished up working on some partner elbow strikes, We started with elbow behind, like a draw hand. Then we did front elbow strike and finished up with a twisting elbow strike. Doing this move behind feels the most powerful and natural to me.

Great way to end the session, hitting stuff is always good!

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