The tire is only flat on the bottom – 7/8/10 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik shared a very balanced class with us today.

After our warm up, did standing front snap kicks.  From a high fighting stance, we lift our front leg and kicked.  The idea was to use our core muscles to pickup the kicking leg and not use our shoulders or upper body.

Quick kihon….

Next, we moved on to basics.  We did moving forward and back with rising block.  Sensei explained that we need to keep the angle of our fist, at the top of the block, at a 45 degree angle.  This way the bone on side of our arm does the blocking, or striking, when executed at that angle.

We moved on to the inward block and downward block with reverse punch.  Next came back stance with knife hand block.  Sensei told us to do the movement with a quiet front foot.  When in a back stance, the majority of our weight should be in the back leg and the front foot should land very lightly.

Kata and then partner up….

We worked on Heian 1 through 5 and Tekki Shodan.

Next, we partnered up and worked on a drill that we have done in the past.  We start in a fighting stance, one partner steps in and attacks and the other partner quickly switches feet and counter attacks with a punch.  I remember this drill from the past and am still not very good at it.  Switching my feet fast like requires a lot of hip action and my hips were screaming after only a few tries.

Kata from another style….

We cooled down with a some katas that Sensei’s Sensei shared with him.  The first kata that we is called Rohai.  This is a really cool kata.  Very flowing yet dynamic too.  We did that three times and then Sensei walked us through a black belt kata called Sepai.  This was an interesting kata, that I did at a referee seminar a few years ago that has some nasty self defense application.

During class, Sensei told us an interesting story about when he had a flat tire many years ago.  A man stopped to help him out and said something very enlightening.  He said that the tire is only flat on the bottom.  The idea behind it is if you make a mistake in your Karate it doesn’t mean that all of your Karate is bad just that part and like the flat tire, it can be fixed with a patch an some air.

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