Kanku Dai – 7/30/10 – Friday Karate class

This was one of my favorite Sensei Brien classes!  I really enjoy doing kata in his class.

Warm up with some kihon…

We started out in horse stance doing front punches and double punches.  Next, we moved into a front stance and did jab with reverse punch but making sure that we use our hips to snap between movements.

Next, we shuffled up in front stance did a jab, then a stepped and reverse punched then stepped again and reverse punched.  For the next drill, we did front stance, shuffle up and punch, then front snap kick with the front leg, then step back with reverse punch.  I know that sounds confusing but it really was confusing.

Next, came the kicking drills.  We shuffled up and a side thrust kick, stepped back and reverse punched followed up with another side thrust kick.  We did the same drill but with roundhouse kick and then side snap kick.

Kanku Dai…

Sensei counted out Kanku Dai for us.  He let the entire class do it and the lower belts  followed along.  We did it five times and then moved on to Heian Nidan, then Heian Yondan and then we finished up with Heian Godan.

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