Focus on balance not technique – 7/15/10 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik shared another well rounded class with us today.  We worked on kihon, self defense and kata.

On to kihon…

After our warm up we did downward block with reverse punch, then inward block with reverse punch, rising block with reverse punch all moving forward and back.

The next drill we did was moving forward and back doing reverse downward block.  Yes, you read that correctly, reverse downward block.  The point that Sensei always makes when we do drills that we normally don’t do, is to open our minds to doing something different and when doing this drill it takes just that to make it work.  We also did reverse downward block with jab and reverse punch, which felt natural after a few moves.

Next came, moving forward with front snap kick and front punch.  The next move is not may favorite, front stance with inward block, horse stance with elbow strike and backfist.  Sensei said to insert a cat stance between the horse stance and front stance to help position the body before each stance.

Next came back stance with knife hand block moving forward and back.  Next came, back stance with knife hand block and front kick.

Time ot kick.  From a horse stance we stepped across and did side thrust kick, then side snap kick, then side front kick.  The next drill was step behind and hook kick.  This was really tough drill for me.

Partner pad drills….

We paired up and one partner held a pad.  From there, we shifted our weight to our back leg and then shifted our weight to the front then punched and hit the pad.  Putting the body behind the move, makes even a small movement very powerful.  We did a similar drill using a backfist but instead of using just our fist we used our entire forearm to hit the pad.  When doing this drill, you need to squeeze the floor with your legs and use the tensing of all the muscles of the body to make power.


Sensei had us start with Heian Shodan but he wanted us to do the kata with our focus on the pull hand.  This always makes the kata feel much different to me and I need to keep this in mind whenever I do my katas.  We did all of the Heian katas, Tekki Shodan, Jion and Bassai Dai.

Sensei made a comment about Heian Godan that I never thought of.  When doing the move right before the first kiai, do not pull the right hand back before the punch.

Sensei also told us to focus on keeping our balance not technique.  The idea is to fight to keep your balance and the technique will come by itself.

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