Figure eight side thrust kicks – 7/6/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia really worked us hard tonight!

Awesome warm up….

Sensei Noia warmed up the class and I have to admit, I felt really loose and ready to go.  Many really good stretches.

Up and over….

Sensei had us get a pad and place it on the floor.  From there, we stood in front of the pad and did a right leg, outside in crescent kick followed up with a left leg inside out crescent kick.  We got into a rhythm and did them alternating left to right and right to left.  We did that drill for what seemed like 10 minutes but my legs felt really good until what came next.

Figure eight side thrust kicks….

This drill was torture.  We got a partner and one of us held two pads in front of us.  The other partner did a side thrust kick and then moved the kicking leg in a figure eight around both the pads in one direction then the other.  Next, we did the same drill but then hopped on our stationary leg one person to the right and did the same thing, then to the next person on the right down the line until we got through about 20 people.  Needless to say, walking was not too easy after this drill.

Sticky wrists and pull….

For the next drill, we stood in front of our partner with the outside of our wrists touching.  From there, we moved our arms and at the right moment, we pulled our partners hand down and to the side and reverse punched them to the head.

The last drill of the day was to do the same drill but as we pulled our partners hand down, we did a front leg sweep.

It was an a really hard class and one that I and my legs won’t forget any time soon.

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