Beaten up, again – 7/27/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Hard class again.  Sensei Noia gave us all a good workout.

Warm up with kata….

Sensei had us start with Heian 1 through 5 and Tekki Shodan.  After we did those, we did the same katas again but did in mirror image.  The mirror image kata is always tough when I get to Heian Yondan for some reason.

Next, we got a partner and did one-step sparring but we each had to a an application from  each of the Heian katas and Tekki sparring warm up.

I blocked that hook kick with my face.

We started out with some free sparring to get warmed up.  Next, we sparred while keeping our hands against our partners hands.  We could either keep wrist to wrist or grab cross handed. I felt really good again and was holding my own without much damage until I paired up with Sensesi Plocharczyk.  He cleaned my clock again but I was lucky enough to block a really good hook kick with the side of my head.  Mental note to self; self, figure out how to block that hook kick.

For the last drills, we stood on our knees and did the sticky hands drill.  If you did the drill wrong and tried to muscle your partner, you ended up on the floor.  It sound simple but it takes a loose power and a soft touch.  We finished up doing that drill again but standing.  This is a little easier since you can use your legs to keep your balance but the bigger, stronger people who use all muscle to do this are at a disadvantage both kneeling and standing.  This is a hard drill to explain but you keep your wrists in contact with your partners and sense when they are going to attack.  You keep moving your hands in a circular motion and then attack as soon as your partner looses their focus.

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