Kick, tap and kick – 6/19/10 – Saturday Karate class

I did a make up class with Sensei Plocharczyk today and it was a lot of fun.

A couple moves from Sensei Cieplik’s book…

We did the same drill that we do with Sensei Cieplik where we start in a front stance with our reverse punch out.  From there, we reach with our back hand, do a front snap kick, step down with the kicking leg behind and do a reverse punch.  This is Sensei Cieplik’s version of jumping jacks.  It took me at least a few months to coordinate myself to this drill and I still make mistakes after close to four years of doing it each week.

After, that we did our own belt kata.  I got about half way though Kanku Dai and forgot what to do next.

Get a partner….

Sensei had us work on some kicking combination drills.  We started with a front snap, dropped the foot the floor and then a roundhouse kick.  Next, we did a similar drill where we did a roundhouse kick and then a side thrust kick.  Then came a front snap kick fake followed up with a roundhouse kick.  Next came fake roundhouse kick with side thrust kick.  The idea behind the fakes was to make it look like a particular kick was coming and then another kick is thrown.

Partner sparring…

We got a partner and did some different drill with the moves that we worked on above.  Then we sparred where we could only use a reverse punch to score on our partner.  Next, one partner could use reverse punch and other could only score with a kick.

We finished up class with some conditioning.  We did V-ups but upper body down and our legs up, then lower body down and our upper body up and then full v-ups with our body starting flat on our backs.  Next, we did one leg and the opposite arm up, alternating legs and arms.

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