Five and ten second kata – 6/08/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Taking class as a Shodan for the first time felt so much different today.  Sensei Noia is still working on exam drills since there is one more weekend of exams coming up.

Start with some basics….

Moving forward and back with rising block, downward block, inward block, outward block with reverse punch.  Next, we did moving forward with front snap kick, side thrust kick and back kick.  Then the same drill again but with roundhouse kick added to the end.

Kata and hold….

We started with Heian Shodan at full speed and power.  Next, we did Heian Shodan again but after each move, we held our stance for five seconds.  We then did it again but holding each stance for 10 seconds.  This was pretty tough but it gets tougher.

Next, Sensei had us do our own belt kata.  I ended up doing Kanku Dai, all 64 moves of it.  It wasn’t too bad at first and holding the stances for five seconds felt pretty good but when we held the stances for 10 seconds, it got painful.  I am sure I started counting faster in my head as the kata went on.

We finished up with two more katas, our belt katas at full speed and full power.

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