Put your sparring gear on – 5/11/10 – Tuesday Karate class

For the first time in a while, Sensei had us work on some sparring drills.  I was afraid that I would be really rusty but it wasn’t that way at all.

Warm up….

We started shifting across the floor and back.  After that, we shifted across the floor with one, two or three attacks.  Next, we shifted across the floor with as many attacks as Sensei counts.  It was tough, doing multiple attacks.

Get a partner….

For the next drills, we got a partner.  Sensei had us start with a single attack, then tow attacks, three attacks and four attacks with each exchange.  The goal of the one partner was to score with all attacks and the other partner was to block everything.  We switched partners two more times.  We finished up our sparring drills with some free sparring.

Conditioning time….

Sensei had do some conditioning drills at the end of class.  He started with some squat hops.  We put our hands over our heads, squatted down and hopped backward and forward.  After that, we did push ups, regular squats and something else that escapes me now.

We ended class with our exam kata but in slow motion.

It felt good to spar again, I am looking forward to doing more after exams are over.

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