So many moves – 4/6/10 – Tuesday Karate class

I cannot even remember how many moves we did in Sensei Noia’s class today.  If I had to guess, I would bet that we did more moves than we do in the Kicks for Cures event.


We started in a horse stance with front punch, then double punch, then rising, inward, outward and downward blocks.  From the same horse stance, we would pivot to left into a front stance, reverse punch, pivot back to a horse stance and double punch, then pivot to right in a front stance and reverse punch.

This was a really neat drill.  We started in a horse stance, we then bring knees together, step out to the left into a front stance and front punch.  Then back to horse stance with front punch and step to right and repeat.  Another drill, much like the previous where we bring our knees together between each move, was start in a horse stance, step into front stance with front punch, move back to horse stance with two punches then step back into back stance with knife hand block.


Next, we worked on kicking drills.  We started with single front snap kick moving forward and back, then double front snap kick followed by roundhouse kicks.  For the next drill we did three kicks, front snap kick, low side thrust kick and back kick.  We spent a lot of time on this drills and raised the height and power as we progressed.

I am sure that I left out some of the moves we did but it is just my subconscious trying to make me forget them.

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