Moves with purpose – 4/2/10 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Brien made some excellent points in class today.

You are a black belt because…

Sensei said something that really stuck out today.  “You don’t perform that well because you are a black belt, you are a black belt because you perform that well.”  What an awesome comment.  You get to wear that black belt because of what you can do, you cannot do it just because you wear that black belt.


Sensei had us start this session off with a bang.  We started with kihon in a horse stance.  From there, we did punches, double punches, triple punches, blocks and then kicks.

Next came, moving forward and back with punches and blocks both in front stance and back stance.  We then did stationary kicking drills with front snap kick, side thrust kick and back kick.  We also did roundhouse kicks with slow extension but very fast retraction.

Sparring drills…

We finished up working on sparring drills.  Our partner attacked with a reverse punch, we moved back just out of their reach and then jabbed back.  We also worked on a drill where we switched our front foot with our back foot to make our partner miss again and then counter jab at them.

Another point that Sensei made today we for us to do our moves with purpose.  It’s easy to go through the moves and do the motion but instead, Sensei said that we should have intensity and purpose behind every move.  Don’t just do the moves to do the moves, do the moves and make each on effective.

It was a great first class back.

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