Kick from the floor – 4/15/10 – Thursday Karate class

I really enjoy Sensei Cieplik’s classes.  The only problem is that he shares so much of his knowledge in that 90 minutes, I have a very hard time remembering everything from class.  My wife made as comment to him one day, that it is hard to remember everything that he shares with us and he said that if you are ready to learn it, you will remember it.  That statement is so true and I am glad I remembered it.

Lots of kicking kihon….

After the warm up, we did front snap kick, kept the knee of the kicking leg up, turned 90 degrees to the left, then step back with kicking leg and set it down.  We did this all the way around and in both directions.  The idea is to turn from the hips and not the shoulders.  Next came the same drill but with reverse punch after we set our foot down.

Next, we stood with both feet together and touching.  We did a side snap kick and put feet back together, touching again.  This is a balance drill.  If the side snap kick is too hard to do, you can substitute a front snap kick to the side if needed.  This drill sounds easy but if you didn’t take class, give it a try, it’s a lot harder then it sounds.  The kick starts from the floor and ends back on the floor.

Next came back stance, with knife hand block.  We followed that with the same drill but added the kick.

Next, we started in a horse stance, stepped across and did a side thrust kick.  We followed that with horse stance, step across with side snap kick.  When doing side snap kick, get balance and kick from the floor.  Do not chamber the kick first (like from the drill above).

Scare your partner….

For the next drill, we paired up.  This is somewhat hard to explain but I will do my best.  We stood in front of our partner, then did and outside in front snap kick to the stomach, when then stepped through after the kick and made our partner back up with our intention.   The idea is that your are moving forward after the kick and pressuring your partner to move back and basically run away backwards.  If the kick didn’t stop them, you could follow up with another attack but this drill was meant to show the intention of what could come next.


We started with Heian Shodan.  Sensei had us do it again but then after each punch, we took two steps forward.  Much like what we did in the partner drill above.  For example, from the first move, the downward, we stepped into the front punch and then took two steps forward.

We did all the Heian katas except for Heian Godan.  We also did Tekki Shodan, Jion and Bassai Dai.  Sensei gave me a good tip for Jion.  When doing the moves with the outward block and stepping front punch, he told me to lean back to keep my back heel from popping off the floor.  This little fix really makes my Jion look so much better.

It was an awesome class.

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