Kiai after each move – 4/9/10 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Brien gave us another hard class tonight.

Warm up with kihon….

We started in a horse stance with single, double and triple punches.  Next came rising, downward and inward blocks.

For the next drill we started in a horse stance, then stepped left and forward into front stance with a block and reverse punch, then back to horse stance with front punch, then we stepped right with block and reverse punch.

Next came some back stance drills.  we started in a horse stance with our hands at our sided, moved left into back stance with a knife hand block, then back to horse stance, then we moved right into back stance with knife hand block again.

After that we started in a fighting stance, jabbed fast then reverse punched and held it with focus.  It’s so hard to hold the reverse punch at the end when I am so used to pulling that hand back from free sparring.

Next we did a killer kicking drill.  We started with a very slow front snap kick and then we snapped it back as fast as I could and then set it down behind me as fast a I could.

Next came drills across the dojo.  Moving forward and back with rising block and reverse punch, same with downward block, inward and outward blocks.   After that we did back stance with front snap kick and knife hand block.

Finish up with kata….

We did Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan and Heian Godan.  Sensei explained the feeling that we should have when doing our kata.  Instead of doing each move and then really pushing hard on the kiai, he wants us to feel that each move it a kiai and have us keep that kind of intensity for every move, not just the kiai movements.

It was a very hard class and I didn’t have much of anything left at the end of class.

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