Focus on the result – 4/22/10 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik is really working on preparing everyone who is testing for their exam.  He is really helping us focus on the little details that make big differences.

Keep the knee up while kicking….

We started with the normal warm up then we spent some extra time on our front snap kick.  Sensei had us hold our legs behind the knee and extend our lower leg.   the idea was to get the feeling of keeping the knee up while kicking and having our knee act like a hinge.

After that drill, we worked on knee strike with front snap kick but making sure that the knee stays up when kicking.

More kihon….

After a few rising blocks with reverse punch, Sensei had us block a little different.  Instead of having our elbow in front of us, he wants us to put our elbow at angle and a bit more forward.  The idea is to use the lats muscles instead of the shoulder muscles when blocking.  Also, when blocking like this, the back leg is almost straight but not totally straight.   It has to stay bent if you need to reverse punch after the block.

Next came back stance with knife hand block.  After that came the same drill but we added the front snap kick.  One detail that Sensei gave us here was to keep our kick inside our back hand closer to the middle of our body instead of outside our body.

Next, we worked on horse stance with side thrust kick and side snap kick.  Sensei made the point when doing side snap kick, we need to kick from the floor and not chamber first from our knee.

Sensei made some excellent points tonight:

Doing moves forward is learning and doing them backward is for real.

If you focus on the result, the actions with be perfect.

It takes 30 years to learn Karate…

10 years to relax, 10 years to adapt your body to the movements and 10 years to move naturally.

This is one point that I really never though of until today, when switching feet, keep your eyes up.  Looking down means failure.

A mother bear will fight a full gown grizzly bear to protect her cub.


We finished up class with all the Heian Katas, Tekki Shodan, Bassai Dai and some black belt katas for the Shodan’s and above.

A point that Sensei made when doing kata is:  Do kata with the intention of hitting someone, if you cannot commit to hitting someone, your kata will always be lacking.

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