Loose form in the mind – 3/18/10 – Thursday Karate class

Tonight, Sensei Cieplik had us spend a lot of time working on our side snap kicks.

Basics first….

After our warm up, we worked on some kicking drills.  From a front stance, we did a front snap kick with the right leg and then turned 90 degrees to the left, while keeping our knee up high and then put the kicking leg back down behind us forcefully.  We the did the same movements again until we were facing front again and then worked the other side.

We did the same drill again but this time, we were able to bring our left elbow across to our right leg as we turned.  This allowed us to utilize our core and turn from the hips instead of our shoulders and upper body.

Many side snap kicks….

For the next drill, Sensei has us get a partner.  One partner crossed their hands in front and held on to the other partners foot, like in the end of a side snap kick.  From there, the other partner pulled the foot back, hard and fast to the inside of the opposite leg.  Sensei wanted to here the slapping sound as the kicking foot retracted to the stationary leg.

In the next drill, one partner stepped in for a front punch and the other did a short side step and side snap kicked them under the kicking arm.  I am not sure how many times we did this drill but there were a lot of kicks.

Whip your body….

We worked on something a little different next.  We did a front punch but leaned back before we threw the punch.  The idea was to push hard from the hips and allow the upper body to lean backward and then let it whip forward as the punch is thrown.  Even though our form was broken, somewhat, the punch was extremely powerful.  This made use of the rock on a rope concept that Sensei often talks about by using the body to let the arm whip out.  I like this move a lot, even though it is not proper form for exam purposes.  It really makes the punches snap!

We spent some time working on this concept while doing the punches in Heian Shodan.  The idea is to be loose in form in the mind but not when executing the technique.  Getting the feeling of using the entire body to throw a front punch while keeping good form is the goal.


We finished up working on kata.  We did Jion, Bassai Dai and Heian Godan while the Shodan’s and above worked on a few other their katas.

It was an awesome class.

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