Just for kicks – 3/16/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us work on our kicks today.  I don’t remember doing this many kicks in one class ever before.

Get a pad….

After a tough but good warm up and really good stretch, we each got a white pad.  The pad is about 18 inches tall and about a foot wide.  We stood the pad in the short edge and stood next to it.  From there, we picked up our leg and moved it from one side to the other over the top of the pad.

Next, we stood next to the pad again and pointed our knee at the edge of the pad.  From there, we did did a low, slow motion roundhouse kick to the pad and then pulled our foot back as fast as we could.  After those, we did the same drill but after we snapped our foot back, we did two full speed roundhouse kicks over the pad.

Put the pad away….

Next, we put the pad away and did kicks across the dojo.  We started in a horse stance and did slow motion side thrust kicks.  First, we kicked a three different levels while keeping our kicking foot front touching the floor and our knee raised up between kicks.  After that, we did five different height kicks.

After that, we worked on front kick, side thrust kick and back kick.  Then front kick on an angle to the side, then low side thrust kick and back kick on an angle to the rear.

I am sure that we did even more kicking drills but I think my mind is blocking some of them out now.

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