Hop and kick – 3/2/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Very hard class today.  Sensei Noia pushed us really hard with a lot of basics.

Get hopping….

After a really tough warm up with squat jumps and other really painful movements, Sensei had us do a drill that I don’t remember ever doing in the past.  We did a front snap kick, side thrust kick and a back kick and then hopped three times on the support leg.  We then set that leg done and worked the other leg that same way across the dojo.


For the next drill, we all got down into seiza.  From there, Sensei had us do front punch, double punch, triple punch and some rising block.  After that, we did front kick, side kick and back kick from seiza too.  I would like to officially call these movements knee killers going forward.

Get a partner and make them work hard….

For the next drill, we got a partner and stood across from them in a front stance.  One partner would step forward with a punch followed with a jodan reverse punch where the other would do a rising block and then a reverse rising block. After that, the attacking side would step forward with a chudan punch and reverse punch an the other an inward block and a reverse inward block.  The next move was a gedan punch and reverse punch and the blocking person would do a downward block and reverse downward block.  It was a really tough drill to grasp mentally but near the end, I think I was doing it the correct way.

We finished up in a horse stance in front of our partner.  From there, one partner did an inward block and other did an outward block against each other.  This forced us to use our lat muscles when holding the movement against our partner.

It was really hard but really good too.

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