Use your lats not your shoulders – 2/23/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia tired me out with the warm up.  He had start by jogging back and forth across the dojo.  After I cannot remember how many times we jogged back and forth, Sensei had us do kicks across the dojo.  We could do any kicks we wanted to do but with three kicks for each step forward.  After the kicks came low walks back and forth across the dojo.

Use your lats not your shoulders….

We got a partner and both of us stood in a horse stance.  From there one partner would punch jodan, then chudan and gedan.  After each partner went once, one partner would punch and the other would block using rising, inward and downward blocks.

Next, we got in to a front stance in front of our partner.  As above, one partner attacked and the other did the same blocks as above moving forward and back.  The key to the this drill was to use the lats to do the block and not the arms and shoulders.

Get your pads…

We spent the rest of the class working on free sparring but with many different partners.

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