Two partners are better than one – 2/9/10 – Tuesday Karate class

This was a fun class.  Sensei Noia has been working on improving our sparring skills and today was a test to see if we learned anything.

Get a partner and another partner….

We started out with a hard warm up.  Jogging back and forth across the djo, butt kicks, low walks and dynamic stretches to the front and side.

Sensei told us to get into groups of three.  One person stood in the middle and the other two were at left and right angles to the person in the middle.  For this drill, the person on the left attacked and the person in the middle blocked and counter attacked, the the person on the right attacked and the person in the middle blocked and countered again.  We spent a good amount of time working on this drill and it was a blast.  There was no chance of avoiding every attack.  They came too fast and sometimes from both partners at once even though they were only supposed to be one attack at a time.

We took a little break and did some pushups but a little different.  We did a pushup and as we went down, we put our legs out to the side and when we went up, we brought our legs back in like normal.

Spread out and get up against the wall…..

The next drill was even more challenging.  The partner in the middle stood with their back against the wall and the other two attacked, most of the time both at once.  There was no hiding from getting hit and it was extremely tiring.  I cannot even remember how many times I was hit but it was one of the most fun sparring classes that I have ever had.

We finished up with some conditioning for our abs.  We did crunches, leg lifts and v-sits.

Great class!

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