Score with certain attacks – 2/2/10 – Tuesday Karate class

Sensei Noia had us work on specific kumite attacks today.

Kumite drills….

We started out working on block and counter attack.  Our partner would move in and attack and we would work at blocking and then counter attacking them.

We spent a good amount of the class working on scoring with only certain attacks.  For example, we had one drill where we could only use punches to score.  Next, we could only use chudan kicks and then jodan kicks.

Kata in the mirror….

This is a drill that I often enjoy but don’t do often.  Sensei had us do a kata of our choice in mirror image.  For my first kata, I did HeianYondan which is always one of my favorites.  After that, I did Jion.  I finished up with Bassai Dai.  If you ever want a simple challenge, do Heian Shodan in mirror image.  It really makes you think before you move.

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