Constant kihon – 2/5/10 – Friday Karate class

We had a guest Sensei today in class.  Sensei Carlos Sanchez filled in for Sensei Brien.

Constant kihon….

I have taken class with Sensei Sanchez in the past, when I was a lower rank and his classes were tough but his advanced class is a killer.  We did close to 90 minutes of non-stop kihon with about 10 minutes of non-stop kata at the end of class.

For starters, we began in a horse stance doing punches and blocks.  Then, we stood up and with each arm did straight punch, tate zuki, ura zuki and then kage zuki.  Next, we stepped left, into a horse stance and did a left handed punch, back to center with a double punch, then step to the right with a right handed punch.  We then did the same leg movements with the four punches from above.   We also did the same drill with spear hand, knife hand, ridge hand and palm strike.

We also did another drill where we started in a horse stance, then turned to the left, stepped back with the right foot and did a block with reverse punch, then we did the same movement to the right.  We did all four blocks, rising, downward, inward and outward block.  We also did a similar drill where started in a standing position and stepped into a back stance with outward block and reverse punch in both directions.

When I thought that it couldn’t get any harder, we did another drill with front snap kick, low front thrust kick, side thrust kick and low side thrust kick.  We followed that up with rising elbow strike, outward to inward elbow strike and inward to outward elbow strike like in Jion.

Next, we got a partner and hit the pads.  We started with reverse punch, then straight punch, tate zuki, ura zuki and kage zuki.  Then we worked on the three elbow strikes as above and the spear hand, knife hand, ridge hand and palm strike.

Finish up with some kata….

We finished up some kata.  We did Heian Godan, Tekki Shodan, Jion and Bassai Dai.

This felt almost like an interval workout.  I would guess that we had less then five minutes total rest but it felt really good and I wouldn’t mind doing a class like this in the future.

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