Improve your kihon and the rest will follow – 1/21/10 – Thursday Karate class

Sensei Cieplik spent a lot of time working on various kihon movements today.  If our kihon improves our kata will improve too.

Strike with the leg….

We finished the normal warm up and moved into knee strike follow with front snap kick.  After that, we did front snap kick with front punch.  Sensei noticed that many people were falling into the front punch instead of putting the kick foot down with control and pushing the front leg forward with the punch.  Because of that, Sensei had us do a double front snap kick followed by triple punch but after the kicks, we put our kicking foot down near our stationary leg and then pushe the front leg out and punched.  I don’t remember ever doing that particular drill before.  I remember single kick with triple punch but not double kicks.


For our next drill, Sensei had us get in a light fighting stance.  From there, he had us switch our feet really fast.  The idea was to us the hips to switch the position of the front and back feet.  To explain this better, Sensei had us pull the front leg back really fast and throw a kick with the back leg that became the front leg.  This was extremely hard on the hips.

There is another drill that we worked on that I am having a really hard time explaining here.  We were in a stationary fighting stance, threw a reverse punch and then used the momentum of the hips to step us forward and throw an other reverse punch.   As the first reverse punch flies, the hips swing the back leg forward making us step and then throw the second reverse punch.

Break your kihon into parts….

Even though, I have done this before, the light bulb seems to have come on for me tonight.  When doing our kihon drills, Sensei had us add a move between the move.  For example, when doing a rising block, we stepped forward into a blocking leg stance block, reaching with the front hand as if it is a strike, then moving into the front stance and doing the rising block.  The addition of the move between the moves makes the kihon feel much different, more focused and more kime.  We also did this with downward and inward block.

Lots of kata…

We finished up class working on kata.  I was really spent by the time we started doing the kata and I felt that my kata’s were not my best.  I did a Jion that I hope I never do again and my Bassai Dai I am sure did not look much better.  I even felt like I had two left feet with the Heian kata’s too.

Even if my kata wasn’t what I wanted, it was a great class and I learned a lot, again.

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