Hips and core are the key – 1/15/10 – Friday Karate class

Sensei Brien had gave us a serious core workout today.

Kick and turn….

After a good warm up, Sensei had us start working on improving our core.  We started in a horse stance across from a partner.  From there one partner punched and the other blocked.

Next, class got a lot harder.  We did a front snap kick, held our knee up after the kick, then turned 180 degrees and set the kicking foot down behind us.  We then did the same drill but added a another front snap kick after we turned to the other direction.  Then came the same drill but we did a reverse punch after the second kick.  The final drill was front snap kick to the front, turn 270 degrees and do a side thrust kick and set the kicking foot down behind us.

Get a partner for kicks….

Sensei had us get a partner and stand next to them.  Then we put a finger of tho closest hand in our partners hand.  From there we did front snap kick, then a side thrust kick and a back kick.  The reason for standing next to our partner was to help us keep our posture upright.

Next, we worked on some sparring drills.  The idea here was for the defender to keep their front foot on the same spot while the other partner did any attack.  The person with the foot in the same spot could turn and move to the side as long as the foot stayed in the same spot.  We finished up with a good cool down and some partner stretching.

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